Datuk Vinod Sekhar has turned out to be quite a prolific businessman. Wthout being a member of any political party, and with no close connections to the powers that be, he is a vocal admirer, supporter and believer in everything Karpal Singh.

“Karpal Singh’s spirit lives on in all of us who are true Malaysians.” said Vinod who openly admits that he does not necessarily agree with everything the late parliamentarian had said.

Vinod’s admiration for Karpal is based on the fact that the latter will defend the rights of all Malaysians, regardless of colour, creed, or religion.

Having called Kapal the master of justice,Vinod believes that if one needed him and believed justice could be gained with his help, it would likely become a reality.

Through Kapal, Vinod Sekhar finds inspiration and the persona of a true leader, Statesman, and nation builder, and one that has gained the trust of young and old.

”I am a person who has always believed in justice, and perhaps this is why I am keen to keep the memory of personalities such as that of the late Kapal Singh alive,” said Vinod.

He said he is hopeful that other Malaysians will rise up with Karpal’s spirit and right thinking attitude, “and one day, we will collectively help put Malaysia in her right place under the sun”.

And as part of this Malaysianisation of Karpal’s spirit, Vinod has great plans to contribute towards a greater Malaysia through his Green Rubber Malaysia and the Petra Group.