The web host is going to be the backbone for any website on the Internet. One small outage and no one will be able to view the page. This, of course, can lead to frustrations, a loss of revenue or even worse – a visitor that may never come back. This is why it’s so important that a website is backed by a solid web host. To find the perfect web host that can make a website owner sleep comfortably at night, here are things to look for:

Simple System

Let’s face it. Building a website and hosting it on the web is no easy task. For those who have little experience with the Internet and programming, it’s best to look for a web host that works in a simple way. This means they will have systems, such as cPanel, ispCP or ISPConfig, to make hosting a website a lot easier. These systems are extremely useful and can make website building so much easier. Try to avoid companies that create their own software packages. These packages tend to be bulky and loaded with software bugs.


There’s going to come a time when the website isn’t working or is having issues. Since waiting for a response via an email can be torture, it’s so important that the web hosting company has 24/7 phone support. That way, if a problem was to arise, a human could be there to help.

Watch the Numbers

Don’t be fooled by the numbers that most web hosting companies are going to throw out there. Don’t be impressed by bandwidth numbers, uptime stats, approval ratings and dirt cheap pricing. Why is this?

Even if they claim that a website will be up 99.9 percent of the time, there’s no contract that will bind them to that number. So if a website were to go down for a few hours, there’s nothing that a customer can do about it. To find the best web hosting deals, it’s best to get referrals and read real reviews from reputable people on the Internet. Don’t trust the numbers they throw out there.


The biggest mistake that most people make when looking for a web host is focusing on the pricing. With anything in life, pricing can be a concern, but it shouldn’t be number one. Cheaper web hosts tend to have outsourced support, low-grade equipment and minimal features.


The web hosting field is extremely competitive, and to stand above the rest, companies are willing to throw in unique features. These features and incentives can include free data backup sessions, free domain privacy or multiple data centers. While a lot of companies can offer similar pricing tiers, hardware and customer support, the unique features may be what ultimately sells the company.

Whether it’s this hosting company in Malaysia or another one across the globe, be sure to keep these valuable tips in mind. By doing so, an informed decision shouldn’t be that hard to make.

This smart hosting guide by TheGigabit.com