Dust is annoying, and it is sickening to find fur balls all over your house. With dust clogged onto surfaces, mats and carpets, dusting becomes very time-consuming and frustrating not to mention the expensive detergents you have to use. With these simple six tips, cleaning should be a fun experience.

1. Shake your rugs and mats
Probably you are aware that rugs are the greatest collectors of dust, but what are you doing about it? At least four times in a year, drape your rugs over a clothesline or fence and beat them with a broom. Although vacuuming removes most of the dust, a good beating will remove even more dust.

2. Use dusting equipment that capture dust, not just spreading it
Feather dusters do not capture dust, instead use electrostatic cloths or damp rags that can attract and hold dust. Invest in effective dust cleaning equipment and forget the feather duster as it only moves dust particles around.

3. Do not forget to sweep
Do not undermine what the broom can do for you. Use an angled synthetic-brittle broom to trap and sweep out dust particles from corners especially if your tile floors have uneven surfaces.

4. Dust from high to low and then around
When dusting, start from the top, proceed downwards, and then circle around dusting out all corners and removing cobwebs. As you move down, dust the tops of the windows, and then move on to shelves if any and finish with any baseboards that may have collected dust during the process

5. Begin with dusting and finish with vacuuming
Finally, after you are done dusting, you can vacuum all the dust that settled on the carpet or cushions during the process. Do not vacuum before you dust to avoid double work

6. Choose the right vacuum for your floor
While you might think that the best vacuum is the most expensive, think again. A good vacuum is one that has a powerful agitator that blows dust into the air since sanction alone is not enough to suck out all dust from your dusty carpet. An upright vacuum or a canister vacuum that has an agitator also has a good dust collector system.

7. Make your life easy with these simple and easy tips. Invest in the right cleaning equipment and dust regularly to avoid accumulation of dust, which complicates the cleaning proces