Very few individuals really love the monotonous task of cleaning.

But with a little ingenuity and these fresh professional tips, you too can get the job done quickly and efficiently to have more time available in your day to do the things that matter most to you. Things like spending extra time with family, or catching up on a new book or favorite TV show. Clean floors will make you feel great stepping through the door after a long day at work. Knowing how to efficiently clean floors the proper way is the first step to maintaining floors easily and without stress. So, follow these simple rules and time-saving ideas from the cleaning pros for better results with cleaning your floors, and leave yourself more opportunity to enjoy life a little more.

(1)Take advantage of multi-purpose cleaning power

Manufacturing companies today love to try to sell you on the newest and best tools and cleaning supplies newly arrived on the market, as well as trying to sell you the most up to date floor scrubbers. But most pros say that going that route is not always the best way to go. Just take a look in your own cupboards and closets and you will most likely find a wide variety of unused tools and chemicals, as most of them are completely useless.

Stick with what really works. For the most part every home should have a good disinfecting all-purpose cleaner that can also thoroughly clean glass. A decent a floor cleaning agent that is safe on both wood and tile, and a disinfecting bathroom cleaner that really works.

(2)Save that old toothbrush

What some professional call the best all purpose tool of all time. For the ultimate floor scrubber that really gets in to those tough to reach areas, nothing beats the almighty toothbrush. The old toothbrush that has seen better days makes a great device for getting into hard to reach places like between tiles and around baseboards. Bristles that still have some life in them are best however. And remember to use the strength of the stiff bristles. Work smarter, not harder.

(3)Get it together with the right tools for the job

Having the right tools on hand for optimal floor cleaning is imperative. Don’t go overboard and purchase too many specialty tools, it really is unnecessary
and will only make you feel overwhelmed in the end. Keep your floors and all of your household surfaces gleaming with a good scrub brush, large microfiber cloths, a microfiber mop, a decent vacuum that can clean both hard floors and carpets, and a Hard Floor Scrubbing machine that can easily accommodate different surfaces.

(4)Use natural scents for a clean scent that lasts

Nothing says welcome home quite like the sweet smells of your favorite natural scent. Use natural oils from a few drops of essential oils and eliminate any pet or smoke odors lingering in your floors. Use just a few drops of natural essential like lavender, eucalyptus or citrus to a blend of cider vinegar and baking soda. Be creative and blend your own cleaning solutions with natural Combine 1/2 cup of water, 1 2/3 cups baking soda with 2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar and 1/2 cup of liquid dishwashing detergent. Stir the mixture until all the lumps are dissolved to enjoy your own natural floor cleaner like the green based new cleaning companies do, and enjoy the lingering effects of nature that will leave your home smelling less like a newly sanitized laboratory.

(5)Don’t just sweep, vacuum those dusty grout tiles before mopping

If you have tile floors, resist the urge to get in right away and start scrubbing. According to the pros you should always remember to start with a good clean sweep or vacuum before washing with a cleaning solution or scrubbing machine. Otherwise you are just swishing germs and dirt around.